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Beautiful Ama


Issue: Athletic Training for Ironman (Triathlete – Swim, Bike, Run)

“During my preparation to compete in the Ironman Triathlon in 2008, Sarah helped me overcome various physiological ailments. I had troubled knees (running/biking), ankles (running), neck/back (biking/running), and shoulders (swimming). In conjunction with my stretching & massage therapy, Sarah was an integral part of my whole-body healing and health. Thank you so much for contributing to my dream of completing Ironman!!!”

Donald S.

Issue: Chronic Daily Headaches

“I suffered with chronic headaches for several years, requiring 600-800 mg of ibuprofen several times daily. I was seeing a chiropractor regularly with limited results. I thought this was going to be the way I had to live the rest of my life and became accustomed to muddling through each day with pain. I started seeing Sarah for acupuncture treatments to specifically deal with my headaches and before I knew it, they were completely gone! I no longer require any ibuprofen and it’s all thanks to the wonderful talent and skill of Sarah. She’s fabulous! I am enjoying my new life free of pain and OTC medication!”

Amanda S.

Issue: Athletic Training (Runner), Immune System

“I’ve incorporated acupuncture from Beautiful Ama Acupuncture into my wellness plan (in addition to chiropractic adjustments and shiatsu massage/exercise/positive mental attitude etc) a little over a year ago. I feel it has been very helpful in keeping me functioning at my best whether that is my health/ immune function or in my athletic endeavors. Thank you Sarah; you do great work! ”

Kori M.

Issue: Carpal Tunnel, Depression, Low Back Pain, Muscle Spasms

“Sarah is a fabulous acupuncturist who provides individualized care for her clients based on a thorough health history. Her approach to wellness includes an in-depth understanding of nutrition and herbal medicine, and the environment is clean and comfortable. Sarah has helped me with muscle spasms, lower back pain, carpal tunnel and depression. She was able to diminish my physical symptoms and provide support for lifestyle changes. When faced with my next health challenge, I know Sarah will help.”

Jean E

Issue: Weight Issues, Moods, PMS, Addiction

“Sarah and Beautiful Ama are a blessing. I have been seeing Sarah mostly for weight loss and some stress related issues including irritability and emotional ups and downs, severe premenstrual symptoms, and memory loss. I have been pleasantly impressed with the results of my time and treatments with Sarah. I have lost weight, about 13 pounds and several inches, my moods have balanced out, memory and ability to handle stress have increased, and my premenstrual symptoms are non-existent. Not only is Sarah an amazingly intelligent practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese Food Therapy, but she is an absolute pleasure to know and share time with. I am now starting a new program with Sarah to quit a bad habit, in which I am confident that she will encourage and enable me to continue on my path of health and healing. Highly recommended to all.”

Kristie J.

Issue: Carpal Tunnel, Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

“My initial Acupuncture treatment was for Carpal Tunnel and had such amazing success, I used it for other health issues with similar results. Following those results, I decided to see if Sarah could get me off two very disagreeable BPH prescriptions. After some trial and adjustments I was able to discontinue both Rx for enlarged prostate and have not used them for more then two years. This is all interesting considering my previous refusal to consider any alternative medicine treatments. I am now a convert.”

Tom S.

Issue: Shoulder and Hip Pain

“I thoroughly enjoyed all the treatments Sarah has given me. I worked as a secretary sitting at a computer all day. I had severe pain in my shoulders and hips. I see a chiropractor weekly for adjustments but that still didn’t get rid of the pain. Bi-monthly visits with Sarah took care of the pain and released the tense muscles. I really enjoyed visiting with her during each appointments too. She just didn’t focus on one area but the whole body. I highly recommend her services to everyone and anyone who need relief of pain or just release from stress.”

Robin D.

Issue: Headaches, Digestion, Stress

“Sarah has been my acupuncturist for the past 4 years. I am an acupuncturist myself and completely trust Sarah’s knowledge, skills, and passion in Chinese medicine. She has helped me with various issues ranging from headaches, digestion, and stress. I always look forward to my visits with Sarah. I always feel better and much more relaxed. Thanks Sarah!”

Christine K.

Issue: Peripheral Artery Disease, Liver Cirrhosis

“I am so happy that I had Sarah to turn to in my real time of need! After multiple surgeries to relieve the pain and numbness in my legs, I chose to have Sarah give it a try. I had very quick relief of a lot of my symptoms. After all the time, energy & anxiety along with sleepless nights I was finally able to just lay down and go to sleep virtually pain-free. I tell everyone I know with any kind of pain to just call her and give it a try. I will recommend her to anyone, anytime! I am so proud of you! You are so diverse”

Jim S

Issue: PMDD, Perimenopause, Epilepsy

“Sarah has a gift. I have PMDD, early perimenopause, and epilepsy. I struggled with PMDD for the last fifteen years and perimenopause since I was 28. Doctors either didn’t care, weren’t able to find a way to help, or recommended hysterectomy. Sarah’s extensive knowledge of herbs has made it so that I rarely, if ever, have problems from either the PMDD or perimenopause. My epilepsy was exacerbated by my hormone issues, and since getting that under control with the proper herbs, my seizures come infrequently at that time and are not as violent as they were before I was being seen by Sarah. Sarah has improved my quality of life greatly by being such a caring herbalist. Thank you, Beautiful Ama!”

Kate B.

“I’ve been going to Sarah for a little over a year now. The first time I had my session, I did not have any education on the process or what acupuncture was about, but Sarah educated me right away. The main reason why I see Sarah is for stress and relaxation. In my full time job I dispatch for a busy plumbing and heating company, which is a very intense job for 13 hours each shift; I also have a part time job. Even my technicians notice how much more relaxed and calm I am the next day after a treatment, so they fully appreciate the work that Sarah does for me. I’m always a little less intense for the next week or so, so they also thank her as well!! I wish I could see her more, and I definitely tell people about how much I love my treatments when I have them!”

Danielle L.